Are you new to Japan or planning to relocate to this beautiful country?

Are you looking for a flexible, accommodating and trustworthy Real Estate company who can guide you through?

Do you need a helping hand with moving into an apartment, to furnish it and to have a 24-hour support?


Live in the Place you Want and Leave All the Other Worries to Us!


In Japan Properties Co., Ltd. we believe in our goal as a real estate consulting company – is to deliver high-quality service to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction. By doing so, we wish to build a community that would result in long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations.

We highly value our local and foreign clients and make sure that they receive the best service. To make the motto mentioned above happen, we launched Your Japan Properties, which is subsidiary of Japan Properties Co., Ltd. While the main company works with both local and foreigner customers, Your Japan Properties was established to focus exclusively on the additional needs that foreign nationals usually have when living in Japan. Thus, Your Japan Properties’ team focuses on assisting foreign nationals in finding their new rental home. We aim to provide a hassle/stress-free way to find your new rental apartments in Tokyo! To do this, we also offer unique services that we believe will ease relocation and life in Tokyo for the newcomers.


What do we offer?

Your Japan Properties is here to help you find the best deals for rental apartments in Tokyo. Properties we provide range from Apartments to Share Houses. We are committed to providing a cost-effective and convenient approach to finding the perfect living arrangements that suit your needs and budget. Why not get in touch with our friendly and helpful team by either visiting our office or by giving us a call today so one of our consultants can contact you to discuss your desires and requirements.

In addition to the Rental Apartments in Tokyo and Shared housing services we offer the following:

Property Management

Office Leasing 

Property Purchase 

Property Sale


Why choose us?

Expert staff for each field.







We are a project-based team of specialists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry as well as its external fields. We are willing to serve our clients’ needs perfectly and ensure client satisfaction.

-Takken Broker License 9

-2nd-Grade Architect 1

-Master of Real Estate Consulting 2

-Certified Developer Manager 1

-Certified Rental Property Manager 


Face to face communication







We believe that trustworthiness is the most crucial character is necessary to have in the real estate industry, and that is why we highly value face to face communication. We listen to the client`s needs carefully, holding as many meetings as necessary to introduce a well-considered proposal, based on present market conditions and future directions, which will satisfy the client.


International Team






Your Japan Properties’ team includes foreign and Japanese nationals, representing the best imaginable collaboration, capable of understanding the needs of Expats and navigating the tricky corners of Japanese real estate laws and come up with the best tailor-made solution each time.


We are here to help you with:

Property Search

In Your Japan Properties, we have a variety of rental apartments in Tokyo, which includes apartments, detached houses, and share houses. To find the best suitable property for you, please click the link above. Feel free to contact us for any additional information related to available rental apartments in Tokyo.


In Japan Properties, we care about our clients thus we want to assist with every aspect of moving to a new place. To achieve this, we collaborate with international relocation companies, based in Tokyo to help you arrange your move. Click the link above to learn more!

Life Support

Our services do not end with only finding your ideal place. After successfully moving into the new rental apartments in Tokyo, we want to be sure that you have professional assistance and emergency support in case it would be required. To help our clients feel more secure, we a special service, that offers Life Support for the foreign residents 24-hour round. Learn more about this service by clicking the link above.

Furnishing the Apartment

To furnish or not to Furnish? That’s the question!

When applying for rental apartments in Tokyo, they usually come with no furniture, meaning that renters have to secure everything themselves. Here at Your Japan properties, our customers do not need to worry about this as well. If you rent a property with Your Japan Properties, you have a choice of whether you want your apartment to be furnished or not. To learn more about pricing, schemes, and flow of furnishing a rental property in Tokyo click the link above.

Useful tips for Expats in Japan

Our goal is not only to help you with finding rental apartments in Tokyo but also to share our knowledge about life in Japan. Thus, we have a blog, where we constantly publish relevant and interesting articles to help you with getting to know Japan and its people.