Japan Properties Co., Ltd. offers the full line of real estate services, including Tokyo property management.

In today’s environment, you need a professional skill and knowledge:

  1. to manage a property appropriately
  2. to ensure the highest return you get from the investment
  3. to prevent any potential problem that can arise

If it is a small property and you live nearby, you could probably manage it by yourself. However, you must be prepared to cases when you might need to confront the problems, for example, during the night. Tokyo property management company, on the other hand, knows how to deal with such situations and know how to act within the rules, while trying to keep the cost of the landlord to a minimum. From the tenant’s point of view, it is better to deal with a certified Tokyo property management company. Some contractors in Japan are not willing to deal with an individual.


Let us introduce the services and advantages of Japan Properties Co., Ltd. property management.

What do we offer?

Tokyo Property Management Services:

  • Leasing Arrangements
  • Renewal of Contract
  • Monthly Update Report
  • Handling Complaints
  • Cancelation Processing / Organizing Room Restoration
  • Providing Market Report
  • Vendor Management
  • Creating Engineering Reports
  • Verifications of Compliance
  • Management of Costs Payment Process

You should consider working with us because

We have the team of office leasing specialists

Office and Residential brokerage are the main services of Japan Properties Co., Ltd. This is why we can guarantee to offer a successful tenant recruitment strategy that will lead to the early conclusion of a contract. We have both office and residential leasing teams. These two teams functionally cooperate to sign a contract with new tenants. We work with domestic and foreign affiliated companies directly / indirectly. We have business relations with our Singapore branch and foreign allied companies.

Our Specialization in Tokyo Property Management

We focus on tenant retention to maximize the property’s income. We provide room availability information for both real estate agencies and individual customers to increase the vacancy rate ASAP. Each property is assigned to a representative who will be in charge and responsible for meeting your requests. Our annual average occupancy rate is 97%.

Our Global Network

Japan Properties offers Tokyo property management services to investors from various regions. Every investor has his/her own strategy and target. We value their opinion and prioritize their requirements when developing the management plan to maximize customer satisfaction.

We cooperate with our Singapore branch and foreign allied companies. That enables us to exhibit our strength globally in all phases of the investment cycleOur Tokyo property management services are available in English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese languages.

If you have any further questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Examples of Currently Managed Properties


Office building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo                                           Fixed Annual Income: 50,000,000 JPY



Office building in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo                                                                                       Fixed Annual Income: 7,800,000 JPY



Office and Residential building in Sumida-ku, Tokyo                                                                                                        Fixed Annual Income: 7,000,000 JPY



Residential building in Sumida-ku, Tokyo                                                                                                        Fixed Annual Income: 32,000,000 JPY



Residential building in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo                                                                                                        Fixed Annual Income: 20,000,000 JPY